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, blah, blah. he has twice as many degrees as obama. forget romney, paul ryan had a plan. he had a plan mapped out so you wouldn't be in debt. he said paul ryan? that guy looked -- blah, blah, looks, looks, looks. i said you are not leaving for three weeks. no internet. no tv. >> wow, for three weeks? >> he is a big boy. >> are you tough. >> he will be just reading. >> jed do lie yaw, you said you were in mourning and you pointed out your black dress. are those your morning fish nets too? >> thank you for asking. >> listen, everyone sports funeral style in their own way. this is my personal choice. >> i am in favor of you being in mourning. >> you are skeptical they made a big difference for obama. 70% voted for obama and 27% for romney. contrast that with 44% voting for george w. bush in 2004. >> how many people are we talking about here? >> a lot of people. >> they came out in droves for him. >> for obama. >> yes. how many legal mexicans were voting? >> right. but i think the woman vote, there is always the gender gap. with the hispanic vote, the republican party seems to be shrinking
are no different. paul ryan had a 2% difference with obama care. it is so frustrating because people were like, this is the most important election of our lifetime. no, there really is not. >> what is the most important election of our lifetime. >> 2016 which she comes out as a lesbian. >> i think the "maxim" hometown hotties collection is good. >> do you ever argue with your girlfriend who is tonya harding's sister. >> she is not my girlfriend. we are just seeing each other. >> just checking. i just wanted to throw something in your face. >> jeff galloli. his bodyguard. the guy that hit what's her face is dead. >> can i just say one thing? all of these people are saying our thoughts and prayers are with the petraeus family. not everyone is holding hands and saying grace. dear lord, baby -- please help general petraeus and his wandering -- >> to your point of thoughts and prayers. when somebody resigns or quits they are described as extraordinary. i am sick of the word extraordinary. coming up, when one door opens, does another one open? >> did you do that? >> he did. i knew this day would com
to that, andy. >> i don't think it is a big deal. i think women should own guns. >> paul ryan's daughter just shot her first deer. >> this is when i am saying. >> jonathon, i want to hear more about this girls with machine guns magazine. >> tom has it right now. >> don't go to tom. >> it is rolled up. >> imogen, michael, you are both writers, allegedly. >> wouldn't it be good if we had a gender neutral pronoun in evening -- in evening lish. >> isn't it hard to write he or she. >> it is hard to write female or male. you have to write two extra letters. so yes, it is. it is annoying. >> i can see there was a lot of support for my idea there. >> chris brown, and a sad story. jonathon, you said chris brown deserves to disappear off the planet. the truth is you are jealous of his success? >> no. i am not jealous of the sheets he was photographed on. did you see the logo? chris brown is disgusting. chris brown should go away forever, end of story. end of story please. >> andy, i am confused. slayer?ou the original chris >> i don't know if i was the first. certainly i was the best. >> look, jen
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)